Absolutely Ottawa

Watch Absolutely Ottawa, the locally produced series featuring documentaries, music, and some of the best short films in the region. Shows aired Saturdays (7 p.m. ET) during summer 2014. Watch them in full below. 

Cinema Shorts
A celebration of short films from across the region.

Mustang Sally
A woman in her 20s is exploring the popular world of online dating. With the help of her roommate Julie, Sally's life is about to get interesting.

The Proposal
Follows Matt from Toronto to Ottawa on his journey to make his future fiancée's proposal one he hopes she won't soon forget.

A man asks for his wife's help in writing an obituary for his brother's funeral. Her answer catapults them into an honest look at love and marriage. Love is funny, serious and all that counts in the end.

The Green Cardigan
Stan's mind is straining under the pressure of advanced Alzheimer's. Two thoughts pulse in his mind: the need to remember a line of poetry, and the need to find a certain green cardigan. 

Maple Mayhem
Exploring the sticky, golden universe of maple syrup--Canada's quintessential national emblem. This documentary showcases the culture and politics behind an industry that recently suffered the biggest heist in agricultural history.

Family Foods
A taste of what it's like to run a family food business in the ever-competitive food industry. Take stock on what it means to carry on the family name, expand the company and connect with the local community.

Studio 14 Sessions (II)
Interviews and performances from upcoming Ottawa-area singer/songwriters in CBC Ottawa's Studio 14.

Kira Isabella, 2013 Juno Award Nominee, Breakthrough Artist of the Year
Kalle Mattson, 2014 Polaris Music Prize nominee
Amanda Rheaume, 2014 Juno Award Nominee, Aboriginal Album of the Year
Maurice, rising star in R&B

In Search of Dan Cooper
For more than 50 years, Dan Cooper was to millions of Europeans the symbol of justice and peace, but not so known in Canada. This documentary uncovers a long-lost Canadian war icon: Dan Cooper, comic book hero. 

Ottawa Docs
Five short documentaries that offer poignant perspectives and compelling stories of people and places in the our region. Created by local independent producers and emerging filmmakers.


Ottawa à Moi - one woman's ode to the unique duality of Ottawa-Gatineau, the nation's capital that straddles two dominant cultures.

Notable - the story of a young Gatineau woman who gave up her full-time job to try to start up her mobile app and found love during the process.

Flickering Lights - The Mayfair Theatre--one of the last "old time" movie houses in the city--gets the spotlight in this short documentary. 

Mikey - the frank and honest story of a recovering alcoholic's path to healing.

Status - reflects the complexity of the status card, something that many aboriginal people in Canada have had to ponder and wrestle with in their lives.