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Saturday Night Blues 25th Anniversary Special

Holger Petersen is the foremost authority on blues and roots music in Canada. Based in Edmonton, he has been hosting Saturday Night Blues, Canada's flagship blues and roots program on CBC Radio, for 25 years. This performance program will open with Holger at his studio in Edmonton and segue to a concert.

Never Destroy Us: The Dears at Pasaguero

Montreal's Juno and Polaris-nominated indie rock darlings have nurtured a steady international profile throughout their 17-year history, but this pivotal concert performance has special significance. On the cusp of succumbing to the realities of a music industry in decline, the sold-out, week-long stay in Mexico City marks the Dears' decision to rebuild their career, as they are greeted with an unprecedented response.

Never Destroy Us : The Dears at Pasag├╝ero from Paul Tom on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 8 on CBC Television
1:30 pm NT  |  1:00 pm AT  |  12 Noon ET  |  10 am MT  |  9 am PT