Absolutely Manitoba

A six-part series celebrating Manitoba talent in front of and behind the cameras. Docs aired Saturdays (7 p.m. CT) during summer 2014. 

Twenty thousand passionate country music fans celebrate their favourite weekend of the year at Countryfest, Canada's longest-running country music festival. 

Letters to Our Children: Stories of Refuge
A group of immigrant and refugee moms in Winnipeg express their struggles and triumphs in a book of letters to their children. 

Visiting Day
Winnipeg musician Scott Nolan journeys to Folsom Prison to deal with some unfinished business. 

Treading Water
Full doc available Nov. 17, 2014
Families from two Manitoba communities struggle for years to get their lives back on track, after the 2011 flood forces them from their homes. 

The Politics of Polar Bears
Are polar bears really under threat? The CBC's Reg Sherren explores the question and finds an answer that might surprise you.