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Part 2: watch six more documentaries from across Canada

These are stories that reflect our diverse and contemporary Canada. Stories that reveal the unique character of a region, that fascinate, provoke and connect us with communities across the country.

Six more one-hour documentaries debuted Saturday on local CBC stations. Watch them in full below.   

One More Schooner
Boat builder Henry Vokey of Trinity Bay has built over one thousand boats during his lifetime. And he's not done yet. 

Full Newfoundland and Labrador schedule

Code Kids
A movement to teach young children computer skills is gaining momentum in the Maritimes. 

Full Maritimes schedule

Maple Mayhem
Exploring the sticky, golden universe of Canada's quintessential national emblem. This documentary showcases the culture and politics behind an industry that recently suffered the biggest heist in agricultural history. 

Full Quebec schedule  |  Full Ottawa schedule

Letters to Our Children: Stories of Refuge
A group of immigrant and refugee moms in Winnipeg express their struggles and triumphs in a book of letters to their children.

Hedley Wildlife: The Quietest Concert Ever
Canadian pop music sensation Hedley perform in Banff National Park; however, not a bird, elk or squirrel is disturbed as the audience listens on headphones. 

Full Alberta schedule

Wanting: Dream Girl
Beloved by millions in Asia, Chinese-Canadian pop star Wanting Qu chases her dreams in North America.

Full Vancouver schedule

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Legends of Magdalen

Legends of Magdalen - (45:17)

Myths and legends surround the remote Magdalen Islands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. For 
three generations, one Madelinot family has researched the hundreds of sunken shipwrecks that give rise to many of those stories. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014 on CBC Television 
1:30 p.m. NT  |  1 p.m. AT  |  noon ET  |  10 a.m. MT  |  9 a.m. PT

Watch new documentaries from across Canada

The new Absolutely series kicked off July 19 across the country with a showcase of locally produced documentaries. Docs aired Saturday on local CBC stations; and now they're available to watch online from anywhere in the country.  

Watch all seven 45 minute docs and join the conversation on Twitter @AbCanCBC. Check your local schedule for upcoming telecast dates in this six-part series.

Secret Suppers of Vancouver
In a food-obsessed city, explore the underground culinary world that's breaking the rules.

Hell or High Water
Chronicling the epic undertaking of rebuilding and reorganizing the Calgary Stampede less than two weeks after historic floods swept the city.  

Short Shots 4 
Available until July 26
A delightful showcase of the best Manitoba-made short films including comedy, animation, sci-fi and human drama. Hosted by Mike Bell. 

Family Foods
A taste of what it's like to run a family food business in the ever-competitive food industry. Take stock on what it means to carry on the family name, expand the company and connect with the local community. Watch the full program: 

100% T-Shirt
Director Kaveh Nabatien explores the history, ethics and political culture of our most common garment. Featuring American Apparel founder Dov Charney, Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry, Little Scream, and Tegan and Sara. 

Edge of East
Jackie Torrens visits three groups of Nova Scotians with unusual interests: UFO believers, steampunks and yodelers.

Sister Morphine
Newfoundland and Labrador nurses who struggle with addiction to the drugs they administer.