John Mann: Here & Now

John Mann: Here & Now - trailer (01:31) 

A concert featuring the iconic Vancouver musician and actor as he and his family face his fight with Early Onset Alzheimer's disease.  

Saturday, October 3, on CBC Television
2:30 p.m. NT  |  2 p.m. AT  |  1 p.m. ET  |  12 p.m. CT  |  11 a.m. MT  |  10 a.m. PT

Ric-A-Dam-Doo: The Continuing Story of the PPCLI

The Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry is one of the most storied regiments in Canadian military history. First in the field in World War I, and now celebrating a century of service. This documentary examines the challenges facing the PPCLI today and how the regiment plans to evolve for the future.

Saturday, August 29, on CBC Television
2:30 p.m. NT  |  2 p.m. AT  |  1 p.m. ET  |  11 a.m. MT  |  10 a.m. PT

Watch five new Absolutely Canadian shows

The fourth installment of the 2015 Absolutely series aired Saturday, August 22, with new documentary and drama programs for local audiences. Mostly produced by independent filmmakers, these programs explore the talent, culture and history of a region. 

And now they're available to all Canadians, from anywhere in Canada. 

Watch the five shows that premiered on Saturday below. Click on your region in the right sidebar to see what's coming up on the final two dates: August 29 and September 5.  

Employment Matters 

Absolutely Vancouver - Employment Matters (45:08)

Focusing on their unique skills, this film explores the benefits of employing individuals with intellectual disabilities. Employment Matters Too airs August 29. 

Human Library Stories

Absolutely Ottawa - Human Library Stories (45:07)

Meet some of the human books who participated in Ottawa's Human Library. Allowing guests to 'sign out' a person for a one-on-one conversation, the project is intended to challenge stereotypes and foster greater understanding between people.

Finding Al

Absolutely Manitoba - Finding Al (45:11)

Investigating notorious gangster Al Capone's rumoured connection to the Canadian prairies during American prohibition of the 1920's.  

CBC News Manitoba - Al Capone may have downed a drink or two at Woodbine Hotel

Studio Black! Ep. 2

Absolutely Maritimes - Studio Black! Episode 2 (45:12)

A mini-series inspired by stories from the Nova Scotia Black community of the early twentieth century. In this episode: 'The Grateful Spirits,' a sailor rescues a kidnapped young woman; 'Lady Greencorn,' a woman saves the life of her hapless lover.

Seth's Dominion 

Absolutely Quebec - Seth's Dominion (45:21)

NFB's award-winning documentary profiling Canadian cartoonist Gregory Gallant, better known as Seth, creator of Palookaville.