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Heavy Weather

Four musical acts from Newfoundland and Labrador help us answer the question, "why is there so much music from a place with so few people?"

Small Wonders

Small Wonders follows three small business owners in Montreal over the course of ten years. Playfully shot and edited, the film explores how the cultural influence of old-fashioned shopkeepers is faring against the tides of gentrification. 

Watch online 

Aired on Saturday, March 22, on CBC Television
1:30 p.m. NT  |  1 p.m. AT  |  12 p.m. ET  |  10 a.m. MT  |  9 a.m. PT

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Trapped follows a group of independent Atlantic lobster fishermen who are determined to preserve their livelihood, despite increasing threats to this endangered way of life. 

Watch online

Aired on Saturday, March 15, on CBC Television
1:30 p.m. NT  |  1 p.m. AT  |  12 p.m. ET  |  10 a.m. MT  |  9 a.m. PT

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The Gimli Glider: 30 Years Later

It's been 30 years since the legendary landing of an Air Canada jet that ran out of fuel over Manitoba. CBC's Reg Sherren catches up with the key players in the Gimli Glider ordeal in this Canadian Screen Award nominated documentary. 

Saturday March 8 on CBC Television*
1:30 p.m. NT  |  1 p.m. AT  |  12 p.m. ET  |  10 a.m. MT  |  9 a.m. PT    

Nominated for a 2014 Canadian Screen Award 
Television - Best Documentary Program

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*NOTE: The Gimli Glider: 30 Years Later will not air in Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver. These regions will see local programs. 

Van Horne & Waverly

Van Horne & Waverly follows three artists as they forge, mix/illuminate and paint new works in Montreal's Mile End neighbourhood, one of Canada's most densely populated artist communities. 

Watch it online

Saturday March 1 on CBC Television
1:30 p.m. NT  |  1 p.m. AT  |  12 p.m. ET  |  10 a.m. MT  |  9 a.m. PT