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What Happens Next? The Dan Mangan Documentary

What Happens Next? - full program - 45:21

The portrait of a musician fascinated by fate, exploring this topic through a cinematic treatment of five songs from Mangan's most recent album.

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Two young Aboriginal men decide to fight—literally—for a brighter future. 

Fight follows two Winnipeg teenagers over the course of a year on their path to becoming Ultimate Fighters. But while the discipline of their training regimen suits them, demons from their past--problems at school, failed relationships, and childhood abuse—continue to plague them.

Saturday, September 21 on CBC Television 
1:30 p.m. NT  |  1 p.m. AT  |  12 p.m. ET  |  10 a.m. MT  |  9 a.m. PT  


The Songs of Gene MacLellan


It has been sixteen years since the tragic death of Prince Edward Island singer/songwriter Gene MacLellan. For the first time, his legacy is being celebrated in a concert by the musicians who were closest to Gene and his singular talent. 

Held at a heritage church in the centre of Charlottetown, performers include Lennie Gallant, Meaghan Blanchard,  Dennis Elsworth, Ron Hynes, Haunted Hearts, and Gene's daughter, Catherine MacLellan. Anne Murray, whose career soared after recording Gene's song Snowbird, narrates a poignant biography. 

Saturday, September 14 on CBC Television
1:30 p.m. NT  |  1 p.m. AT  |  12 p.m. ET |  10 a.m. MT  |  9 a.m. PT

The Panther Next Door


In 1974, a new family moved into the Black community of North Preston, outside Halifax. No one knew it at the time, but Francis Beaufils was a Black Panther on the run from the FBI. Some of the most successful and visible leaders of the Black community today were influenced tremendously by Beaufils, who credit him for teaching them how to fight for equality and foster change in the province.

This documentary tells the story of the impact one man had on an entire community. Beaufils returns to Nova Scotia for the first time in nearly forty years for an emotional reunion with the people who were influenced by him--including Deanna Sparks (pictured), who was just a child when he moved in next door.

Saturday, July 13 on CBC Television
1:30 p.m. NT  |  1 p.m. AT  |  12 p.m. ET  |  10 a.m. MT  |  9 a.m. PT