Maple Mayhem

NEW EPISODE - Exploring the sticky, golden universe of Canada's quintessential national emblem, this documentary showcases the culture and politics behind an industry that recently suffered the biggest heist in agricultural history. 

Saturday, December 6, on CBC Television
2:30 p.m. NT  |  2 p.m. AT  |  1 p.m. ET  |  12 p.m. CT  |  11 a.m. MT  |  10 a.m. PT

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Fire and Ice: Warming Up the Skating Trail

Winnipeg is renowned for its skating trail on the frozen Assiniboine River, reputed to be the longest such trail in the world. Now, a competition to build warming huts along the length of the trail is attracting even more interest from around the world. This one-hour doc explores the new phenomenon.  

Saturday, December 27, on CBC Television 
2:30 p.m. NT  |  2 p.m. AT  |  1 p.m. ET  | 12 p.m. CT | 11 a.m. MT  |  10 a.m. PT