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The History of the Legends Project

June 20, 2008 | 10:07 PM


Many years ago...

A small team in Iqaluit, Nunavut began a project to record, archive and then produce--as radio dramas--the traditional oral stories of Canada's Inuit and First Nations. These ancient legends and myths were then dramatized and broadcast across the country on CBC Radio Ideas, Sunday Showcase and Tapestry. They were also aired on regional programs in English as well as in their original languages.

And the Legacy continues...

The Legends goals have evolved into meeting the increasing urgency to help First Nations' communities protect and promote their endangered languages. So far, 8 groups or nations have participated; the Project aims to complete 12 by 2012.

By creating bilingual (or in some cases, tri-lingual) compact disks from these productions, we can ensure that the productions live beyond the CBC Radio broadcasts to form curriculum or other language teaching tools. The Legacy Project producers want these unique and fascinating stories to be shared with audiences everywhere.


The oral histories of our First Nations are part of the foundation of this country. It is time they were heard by all Canadians. The Legacy Production Team works hard to keep the productions true to their cultural origins in tone and accuracy.

Listen to the audio summary.