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Profile: The Right Honourable Paul Martin

More about some of the people from the 8th Fire TV series.

Former Prime Minister:


Canada's former Prime Minister has been passionate for years about trying to fix the relationship with Aboriginals. He was the architect of the shelved Kelowna Accord which envisioned investing five billion dollars over a decade to improve education, employment, health and living conditions for Aboriginals. He now heads a charity which funds educational initiatives for Aboriginal children.

Martin argues that Canada has a moral imperative to help Aboriginals. He challenges Canadians to "know their history. And our history isn't very pretty here".

He also says there is a strong economic imperative to fix the relationship, as Aboriginal peoples use the courts to assert their control over natural resources. Finally, there is a demographic imperative because the Aboriginal population is the fastest growing in our society.

Watch an interview with Paul Martin.


Paul Martin