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Profile: Pakesso Mukash

More about some of the people from the 8th Fire TV series.

Cree Musician and Activist:


Pakesso Mukash is the guitarist in the band CerAmony, along with lead singer, and a fellow Cree, Matthew Iserhoff. In 2011, they won a Juno for "Best Aboriginal Album of the Year". Pakesso Mukash is Cree/Abenaki, though he identifies himself primarily as Cree. He was born in Whapmagoostui in the James Bay region of Quebec.

He is the son of Grand Chief Matthew Mukash and Danielle O'Bomsawin, and aspires to be an ambassador for Cree culture in the world.

Like his father, Pakesso is critical of the Quebec government's "Plan Nord" which, they believe, threatens the integrity of the Cree territories.

The band's well-known song, First Son, is about the Cree's battle to preserve their way of life, culture and language. "It was ingrained in me that I must be ready to fight for the next generation."

CerAmony has also won the prize for best song writing at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. The band's first album, a mixture of rap, reggae and rock, was released in the fall of 2011.