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Profile: Nadir André & Marie Christine Gagnon

More about some of the people from the 8th Fire TV series.



Nadir André and Marie Christine Gagnon are lawyers and a married couple with an office in Wendake, outside Quebec City. They work with BCF, a mid-sized Quebec legal firm, and are focused these days on facilitating business deals that benefit Aboriginal communities.

Nadir André is a member of the Innu Nation of Matimekush-Lac St. Jean. He has also taught Aboriginal law at the University of Ottawa.

Marie Christine Gagnon is an Innu from Betsiamite (Pessamit) along the north shore of the St. Lawrence river.

She and Nadir André are actively involved in creating impact and benefit agreements (IBAs) in remote Quebec communities that seek to generate revenue by granting access to their resources to companies. It's part of a major new development scheme by the Quebec government, called Plan Nord.

Both lawyers are committed to their Aboriginal communities and to helping remote communities have access to a higher standard of living.

"If the government has a plan that includes Aboriginal people, that will respect them, and which will also respect the resources, then I think we must support it. " says Nadir Andre.

"But we have to make sure that the government is actually meeting its word; that it's not just a false promise we've heard so many times in the past", he says.