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Profile: John Borrows

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John Borrows is Anishinabe and a member of Ontario's Chippewas of Nawash First Nation on Georgian Bay.

His ancestor signed a treaty with the Crown in the mid 19th century, believing that huge tracts of land in southern Ontario would be held in trust for his descendents. This didn't happen, and Borrows says he became interested in law partly as a result of his family history.

Today, he is an internationally respected law professor at the University of Victoria and a leading international scholar in Indigenous law. He specializes in Indigenous legal rights, treaties and land claims, and comparative constitutional law.

Borrows is a strong proponent of incorporating Aboriginal concepts into the practice of law in Canada. He has won numerous national and international awards for his research. His most recent book is entitled Canada's Indigenous Constitution.

"Canada wasn't just formed through British law alone. It was an intermingling of British law with indigenous people's law. And putting those two sources together with the wampum belts, and with the agreement is the foundation of our country, founded on peace, friendship and respect. It's a story I think we'd love to celebrate", says Borrows.


John Borrows