Season 25

Episode 25x22

If I Had A Million Dollars

The Barenaked Ladies performance with Steven Page at the Junos have Canadians hoping for a reunion, and the former bandmates stop by the 22 Minutes season finale to discuss.

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Season 24

Episode 24x22

Canada 150th Special

In this one-hour special 22 Minutes uncovers the "truth" behind some of the famous (or infamous) moments that make up our national consciousness.

Episode 24x21

Episode 21

Mark Critch sits down for a one-on-one with Peter Mansbridge. This week also showcases a new P.E.I. map and a Casablanca remake tailored for the digital age.

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Season 23

Episode 23x21

Episode 21

Mark Critch speaks with Finance Minister Bill Morneau; David Suzuki turns 80; and the new iPhone is released.

Episode 23x20

Episode 20

Tonight we see what the White House looks like under President Donald Trump; Trudeau is toast; and Mary Walsh shows up to interview Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.

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Season 22

Episode 22x21

Episode 21

On 22 Minutes this week, special guest Mike Holmes judges renovations on Parliament Hill and a special report on the MP proposing the use of spy pens in politics.

Episode 22x19

Episode 19

St. Patrick's Day preview; the launch of the Apple Watch and Mark Critch dabbles in Mixed Martial Arts with Canada's Conservative MP and MMA contender.

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Season 21

Episode 21x20

Episode 20

The Season Finale episode has Mark McKinney and Sam Roberts making guest appearances; Rex Murphy reviews the PM's weekly documentary '24/7'

Episode 21x19

Episode 19

Two prominent Canadian politicians resign, and, ironically, neither one of them is Rob Ford.

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Season 20

Episode 20x21

Episode 21

Bob Rae sings his goodbyes, Don Cherry refuses to have his kisses denied and we predict the summer news in the 22 Minutes season finale....

Episode 20x20

Episode 20

22 Minutes reacts to the new federal budget, makes a housecall to Thomas Mulcair at Stornoway, and enlists the help of "Captain 22" for a report from the Toronto comicbook convention....

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Season 19

Episode 19x21

Episode 21

Shaun Majumder heads to the Junos with some musical advice for award nominees, we travel to Peggy's Cove to look into the sale of an iconic lighthouse, and Mark Critch brings us the outcome of the Trudeau/Brazeau boxing match....

Episode 19x20

Episode 20

Mark Critch travels to Toronto for the NDP leadership convention, The Queen (Cathy Jones) shows up unannounced looking for her Jubilee party, and we have exclusives from the creator of the "Ultimate Dog Tease" viral YouTube video....

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