#Resistance150: Christi Belcourt on Indigenous history, resilience and resurgence

"It's a project highlighting the resistance that already exists and that will continue to go on."

Michif artist Belcourt is one of the four Indigenous people who launched the #Resistance150 project — a reaction to #Canada150 and part of a continuum of resistance in Canada. Belcourt is seen here in front of one of her large scale but intricate 'beadwork' paintings. (Christi Belcourt/Facebook )

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Alicia Elliott

Alicia Elliott

Alicia Elliott is a graduate of York University's Creative Writing program. Her writing has appeared in numerous anthologies, including TOK 6: Writing the New Toronto and Initiations: A Selection of Young Native Writing. In 2015, she was chosen as an emerging writer for The Banff Centre for the Art's Indigenous Writing program.