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The deadliest sniper of WWI was Francis Pegahmagabow, an Ojibwa soldier
He's the most decorated First Nations soldier in Canadian history. But when he returns to Canada, he remains an Indian: a "ward of the state," denied the rights of a Canadian citizen.
Nearly half a million Canadians served in Europe during WWI
10 things you may not know about Canada and The Great War, from Canada: The Story of Us, Episode 6
How a former insurance salesman became an unexpected hero at Vimy Ridge
It took months of drills and a total rethinking of traditional military protocol. But in 3 days, Canadian forces captured Vimy Ridge, a position allied forces had been unable to liberate for more than two years.
Treaties, reconciliation and Indigenous history in Canada:
A live, interactive roundtable of Indigenous community leaders, educators and advocates.
Regard sur l'histoire des Premières Nations au Canada
Participez à la discussion en direct en compagnie de nos d'experts et des leaders de la communujatés autochtone ce mercredi 26 avril à 19h30, EST
Watch Episode 5: Expansion
Louis Riel and Big Bear take on the federal government, the railway crosses the Rockies and there's gold in the Yukon.
Martha Black: The American socialite who went hunting for gold in the Yukon
She didn't find any. But she went on to become Canada's second female MP.
How John Ware, a former American slave, helped establish Alberta's beef industry
He was described as “not only one of the best natured and most obliging fellows in the country, but he is one of the shrewdest cow men, and the man is pretty luck who has him to look after his interest."
'Let's be true to who we are.' David Suzuki on Canada's legacy
"We’ve never been a big player, but you don’t have to be big to have a profound impact."
Watch Episode 4: Connected
Risk-taking inventors build a cutting-edge Canada.
The gold rush made Dawson City the biggest in Canada, west of Winnipeg
In the late 1800s, Canada was full of innovators, rebels and ambitious hustlers. 8 surprising facts from Canada: The Story of Us, episode 5.
Georges St-Pierre on the difference between American and Canadian dinosaurs.
Georges St-Pierre studied palaeontology. On a dinosaur dig, a professor joked that Canadian dinosaurs are nicer than their American counterparts. For St-Pierre, it's emblematic of how the world sees Canada.
Kit Coleman: The Canadian journalist who fought for the idea that women care about more than fashion
Kathleen Blake Coleman battles sexism to fight for equality on the pages of Canada's largest newspaper in the 1890s; she’s also the first woman to be accredited as a war correspondent.
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'This is a place that has welcomed us.' Atom Egoyan on becoming Canadian
Atom Egoyan's family never had proper citizenship until they came to Canada. Here, his family was able to thrive and that's not something he takes for granted. 'We want to extend that to other people.'
A group of Canadian history experts discuss some of the different perspectives on our history
A group of Canadian history experts discuss some of the different perspectives on our history — and what that means to our identities as Canadians.
Un groupe d'experts en histoire canadienne discutera de différentes perspectives de notre histoire
Un groupe d'experts en histoire canadienne discutera de différentes perspectives de notre histoire et de ce que cela signifie pour nos identités en tant que Canadiens.
Watch Episode 3: War of Independence
Fearless, ingenious and for the first time – united. The War of 1812 is Canada’s War of Independence. With the British Empire entrenched in a European war, a disparate group of Indigenous, French Canadian, Scottish, African Canadian, and even ex-pat American fighters fight for their new homeland.
Laura Secord's long trek to thwart American invasion
Laura Secord remained unknown for most of her life. She only gained acknowledgement for her heroic efforts after writing to the visiting Prince of Wales in 1860.
How we tricked the Americans to win the War of 1812
10 surprising facts about the War of 1812 from Canada: The Story of Us, episode 3.
Watch Episode 2: Hunting Treasure
A new crop of entrepreneurs fight over natural resources, shaping Canada's economy.
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The making of Canada: The Story Of Us
10 hours. 50 stories. 75 historians. 80 prominent Canadians.