13 Tracks
with Brent Nielsen

About the Show

« So glad to hear Brent is back with 13 tracks! Brent is like a buyer for a great store... he doesn't pick what HE likes; he picks something cool for everyone. You often want to try it on, even if it's a color or style you've never seen before. And to continue the "buyer" analogy, you often discover wardrobe essentials that you never even knew you needed! »

Sheila Coles - host - the morning edition

13 Tracks is an hour of great songs handpicked by Brent Nielsen. The guy has a gift for picking great tunes. He's been choosing music to play on CBC Radio in Saskatchewan for years. A musician himself, Brent is always looking for that next great song.

« 13 Tracks is the program for the music lover. No matter your musical tastes, Brent Nielsen plays music you love and didn't know you loved. It's a great way to expand your Summer playlist. You should check it out! »

Britainy Robinson - arts reporter - cbc saskatchewan

Brent pretty much covers the musical waterfront. Roots, indie bands with an edge and singer-songwriters with acoustic guitars are just a few of the genres that get airplay - and there's plenty of music from right here in Saskatchewan.

13 Tracks is heard Saturday afternoons between 5 & 6 on CBC Radio One until the Labour Day weekend.

« It's great news to hear 13 Tracks is back on the air. I remember listening to the show on the AM dial in university, trusting Brent's musical picks would expose me to artists that are worth spending some time with. With so much music to choose from, music fans need someone like Brent to filter out the bad and leave us with some great tunes from quality artists. I can't wait to hear what 13 Tracks has in store for Saskatchewan this summer. »

Eric Anderson - associate producer - the afternoon edition