Worth Repeating:
Muslim youth: an identity dilemma

from CBC.ca archives | Fri, 22 Jul 2005

From a column by Natasha Fatah

In a small backyard in Ajax, Ont., a Pakistani family gathers for a barbecue. The parents attend to the meal, while the two teenage sons and I engage in a discussion about current affairs. The elder brother, who is eighteen, tells me that he opposes same-sex marriage and supports capital punishment. This young Muslim was raised in Canada, in a secular society, but he has a decidedly conservative frame of mind.

I�m not suggesting that just because you're born here, you are predisposed to being liberal. There are of course, millions of Anglo-Saxon Canadians who were also born and raised here, but who are conservative. What was odd in this scenario was that the parents of this young Muslim man completely disagreed with him.

During the meal, they tried to politely point out to him that capital punishment is flawed and that marriage is a right for any two people in love. But the young man persisted in his unaccented English and his parents shook their heads in resignation.

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