Worth Repeating:
Bobsleigh Idol

from CBC.ca archives | Fri, 20 May 2005

From a CBC Sports Online feature by Chris Harris

Spring in southern Ontario seems like a strange time and place to seek out the next wave of Canadian bobsleigh athletes. The winter chill has succumbed to spring thaw and this country�s only official bobsleigh track sits more than 3,000 kilometres away in Calgary.

The melted ice signals the end of another competitive year, but for Bobsleigh Canada, the athlete recruitment season is just heating up.

It's early Saturday morning and I should be curled up in bed savouring a work-free weekend. Instead, I'm sitting outside Toronto's Metro Track and Field Centre, clad in my finest workout attire, awaiting a chance to strut my stuff for the bobsleigh powers that be. The folks at Bobsleigh Canada are in town to hunt for a fresh crop of national team members and this sportswriter is answering the call.

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