Worth Repeating:
Imagine a disability you can�t see

from CBC.ca archives | Mon, 11 Apr 2005

From a column by H�l�na Katz

What do you think of when someone says the word �disabled?� Most people picture someone in a wheelchair trying to squeeze themselves through a narrow doorway. Many people, like me, have a disability you can�t see. I have a visual impairment and can�t see clearly for more than a few feet in front of me.

That�s why you wouldn�t want me behind the wheel of a car. Driving is one of the few things I simply can�t do. I still get up in the morning, work as a journalist, buy groceries and line up at the bank. But throughout my day I�m constantly adapting to a world created for people who see better than I do....

I wish non-disabled people would remember that we�re adapting to their world � one that wasn�t made with our needs in mind. For me, adapting is an exercise in creativity that often leads to simple solutions and encourages me to be a creative thinker in all aspects of my life.

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