Worth Repeating:
Gary, Bob ... you're fired

from CBC.ca archives | Wed, 16 Feb 2005

From a CBC Sports Online satire

A door in the wall slowly opens. Out from the darkness emerges a man, well dressed, but poorly coifed. He walks toward the boardroom table in the centre of the room, pulls out the high-backed leather chair parked at its edge and sits down.

On his right side sits an older man who could be your grandfather, but his countenance is that of a mafia boss.

To his left is a pretty, if severe, blonde woman in a freshly pressed suit.

All three stare sternly at the two men seated across from them.

Trump: Gary, Bob, you guys know why you've been brought to the boardroom, right? The NHL is one of the top brands in all of sports. There are hockey fans everywhere. But a $2-billion industry is in jeopardy because you two can't find a way to divide the pie.

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