CBC.ca/Arts launches

from CBC.ca archives
Mon, 31 Jan 2005

CBC.ca launches a new online magazine that covers arts, media and entertainment news, plus commentary and analysis from across Canada.

"Our goal for cbc.ca/arts is to Canada's one-stop destination for news, informed opinions and analysis on the latest cultural happenings in Canada and around the world," says senior producer Greig Dymond. "We'll be covering everything from the iPod phenomenon and Edward Burtynsky's photos, to Don McKellar's new film and Bjork's latest fashion faux pas, with a good dose of humour, originality and insight."

The team includes veteran journalists including Katrina Onstad, Andre Mayer and Matthew McKinnon. Content features columns, quizzes, polls and photo essays.

The Globe and Mail calls the site, "Canada's answer to websites such as slate.com and salon.com."

Visit the CBC.ca/Arts website