Worth Repeating:
Bloggers vs. Big Media in Campaign 2004: Score One for the Little Guys

from CBC.ca archives | Tue, 2 Nov 2004

From a column by Ira Basen

"After this year, election campaign coverage will never be the same".

Depending on how long you've been around, you might have heard that sometime in the 1920s when radio first became a factor in American campaigns, or in the 1950s when television began to make its presence felt, or in the 1960s when advertisers began to "sell" the president, or in the 1980s when the spin doctors arrived with their photo ops and message events.

And you're hearing it again in 2004. But this time, the agents of change are not high-priced media experts or expensive new technologies. No, this time the revolution is being brought to us by a large and mostly disorganized group of men and women who spend much of their days and nights pounding away at their keyboards. They are the people who produce political web logs. Some are read only by friends and relatives, others have numbers and influence that rival those of older, more established magazines. And in this campaign, the "bloggers," as they call themselves, have been all the rage. And their presence really does seem destined to change the course of campaign reporting, just as much as the introduction of radio, TV and spin doctors did in the last century.

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