CBC.ca reaches number one position in Canada

from CBC.ca archives | Jan 2004

According to ComScore Media Metrix, CBC.ca site traffic from Canadian homes rose to over three million unique visitors in January 2004.

That level of traffic puts CBC.ca ahead of websites including those of the BBC, the Globe and Mail, CNN, Canoe.ca, MSNBC.com and Canada.com. It's a growth of 217 per cent since May 2002, and significantly outpaces the general growth of internet use.

The numbers do not reflect site use from work, school, libraries and other non-home environments, so the true audience is significantly larger. Internal data suggests that nearly nine million unique visitors came to CBC.ca during the month.


CBC.ca staff cut a celebratory "We're #1" cake

CBC.ca staff cut a celebratory "We're #1" cake