Worth Repeating:
I am not a metrosexual

from CBC.ca archives | Thu, 20 Nov 2003

From a column by Dan Brown

My girlfriend, Amanda, called the other day to ask how much I pay to get my hair cut. Girlfriends sometimes ask questions like this as a way of sending a message but, bless her heart, the love of my life wasn't hinting that I should trade up to a new stylist. She was simply trying to find out if I'm a "metrosexual."

No doubt you've heard or read the term. It's the hot buzzword these days. Coined by British satirist Mark Simpson in 1994, it applies to young males living in large urban centres who are comfortable with being a touch feminine. Metrosexuals are known for their immaculate grooming; they don't get cheap haircuts, hence the question from Amanda.