Worth Repeating:
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

from CBC.ca archives | Apr 2003

From a CBC News Online Indepth

Health officials declare in July 2003 that the global epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome was over, but in December 2003 and January 2004, China confirms four new cases of SARS in southern Guangdong province. Those patients recover, but on April 22, 2004, China confirms two more suspected cases of the disease, one in Beijing and one in Anhui, a province in eastern China.

The first case of SARS appears in November 2002. It kills 800 people around the world, including 44 in Toronto. The disease kills 350 in China. That country later orders the killing of some 10,000 civet cats, suspected to be carriers of SARS. The weasel-like mammals are considered a delicacy in Guangdong and are served in wild-game restaurants.

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