CBC.ca@10 Column:
Covering a local crisis: SARS and the web

from CBC.ca archives | Sun, 16 Mar 2003

�As soon as SARS was detected in Canada, News Online staff knew it was going to be big,� remembers Lisa Khoo of CBC.ca News.

�It was the weekend of March 16, 2003. �Virulent Pneumonia Strain Surfaces in Canada.� Two people were dead and experts were at a loss to explain why."

�Immediately, staff began to cobble together an Indepth Section that would focus on basic health information -- what the symptoms are, what to look for, what to do to protect yourself, and what scientists were saying. Since little was known about the disease at the time, we explained how scientists and medical researchers investigate new illnesses. We knew this would be the kind of information people would be looking for right away.�

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