CBC.ca@10 Column:
I've been logging on the railroad

from CBC.ca archives | Sep 2002

From a CBC.ca 10th anniversary column by Geoff Sowrey

�Sometimes, you get those strange little burps in life that turn into the greatest of experiences. Ones that you don't pass up for anything - not for all the challenges you might face or things you might lose,� remembers Geoff Sowrey.

�In late summer of 2002, the CBC needed an unusual person. They needed a computer geek. They needed a writing geek. They needed a photography geek. And they needed a true rarity, a train geek: Someone who knew the difference U-1-f or a F40PH2 rolling down the tracks; someone who could determine where they are in the Prairies by reading railway mileposts, someone who'd love being on a train for a month.

�I was that geek.�

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