Worth Repeating:
An alien in my home, my native land

from CBC.ca archives | Wed, 28 Aug 2002

From a column by Larry Zolf

Canadian nationalism has always been a tricky concept for me to come to grips with emotionally. For some peculiar reason, Canadian nationalists always made me feel an alien in my home and native land.

So much of Canadian nationalism is Anglo-first nationalism. Politically and culturally, and though I speak no French, it is with Quebecers that I have most often felt Canadian in the best sense of that word. Quebec nationalism can be xenophobic, but Anglo Canadians do not quickly admit to their sins in that direction.

What is there about Canadian nationalism that it always insists that Canada respects its ethnic groups more through the institution of multiculturalism than America does through its own melting pot approach? Pride in Canada makes Canadians say silly things like that.

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