Worth Repeating:
Don Cherry for Governor General

from CBC.ca archives | Thu, 21 Feb 2002

From a column by Rex Murphy

I mean, of course, no disrespect to the current occupant, but I think it's time we hurry up and make Don Cherry the Governor General.

Coach's Corner is this country's real Constitution Hall. The natty dresser and benign Swedaphobe, Don Cherry, I don't know him well enough to call him Grapes and Mr. Grapes sounds a little off. Don Cherry is the flamboyant channel for the pulse of this still green nation. And if things turn out right on Sunday, we may as well make it official and install Mario Lemieux as the real Prime Minister.

Let's give up the pretence. We are not a Confederation, after all. We are a constitutionally organized hockey fan base built on the three great principles of, no, it's not peace, order, and good government. The three great principles of more forechecking, stay in the slot, and take out the man.

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