Worth Repeating:
Robert Latimer: The face of pain

from CBC.ca archives | Thu, 18 Jan 2001

From an online column by Martin O'Malley

I've never met Robert Latimer but I've met many people like him � farmers. Twice in the past two years I've travelled by truck through Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, driving through farm gates, knocking on farm doors, sitting for hours in farm kitchens listening to honest, often irate opinions.

Farmers tend to be wonderful conversationalists. They spend much time alone on their fields, alone against the elements, thinking. The essayist E.B. White once put it this way: "The academic rarely writes as well as the farmer talks."

I've never seen a picture of Latimer that did not show him as a man wracked � if not wrecked � with pain. Sorry, I'm wrong: the picture in the top story graphic on the CBC News Online site the day the Supreme Court ruled against him shows Latimer smiling genuinely, holding his severely disabled daughter Tracy in his arms.

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