Canada: A People's History website launches

from CBC.ca archives
Sun, 22 Oct 2000

The Canada: A People�s History website is a companion to the award-winning television series. Both the series and the website detail the history of Canada, from the migration of the first peoples via the Bering Strait, through the settling of the land by Europeans until the patriation of the Constitution and the Meech Lake Accord.

In addition to essays on several hundred topics, the site contains more than 100 video excerpts from the series, as well as archival stills, biographies and a discussion forum.

A priority of the site is to provide educational support for use of the series in elementary and high school classrooms. Free tools include lesson/project plans, assessment rubrics, and MARC records for cataloguing the series by libraries.

Amateur historians can test their knowledge of Canada at the site�s 17 crossword puzzles. Here's a clue from puzzle no. 5: "After King George III of England signed a 1791 bill that divided Quebec into Lower Canada and Upper Canada, each province had its own governor and what?" (15 letters; 2 words).

The Canada: A People�s History website is produced in association with a French-language site at Radio-Canada.ca.

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