'He won't be coming back anymore, it's up to us'

from CBC.ca archives | Tue, 3 Oct 2000

MONTREAL - Canada has mourned and celebrated Pierre Elliott Trudeau as a statesman, an adversary and a former prime minister for the past five days. But it was a poignant eulogy by a son to his father Tuesday that brought an entire nation to tears.

Trudeau's state funeral began Tuesday morning with a stately procession from Montreal's City Hall, where he had lain in state. Scarlet-clad Mounties, wearing black arm bands, carried Trudeau's casket under sombre skies.

Margaret Trudeau and her two sons, Justin and Sacha, walked behind the casket. Following them were Deborah Coyne and her daughter with Trudeau, nine-year-old Sarah. Trudeau's sister, Suzette, also joined them.

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Justin Trudeau at his father's funeral

Justin Trudeau at his father's funeral