Everest 2000 expedition blogs from the top of the world

from CBC.ca archives
Mar 2000

Aided by satellite broadcasting technology, expedition leader Byron Smith transmits the first live audio and video transmission as he ascends Mt. Everest.

A special CBC Newsworld site called Everest 2000 allows Canadians to follow along through five audio and video reports posted online daily. Two of the hits are live.

Excerpt from Byron Smith�s web log of May 21, 2000:

�The snow was quite deep and the winds were blowing hard as we made our way up the face and over to a large rock outcrop.... I looked down and could barely make out other climbers working their way up through the snow and rock�. I remember feeling how wet my inside clothing felt and hoped that I would not get chilled by sitting and waiting much longer. I knew I needed to move. As we sat there looking down from the Balcony, the wind now at our backs, and the stars took over the sky, way below and down the valley towards Namche Bazaar you could see flashes of lightning. The stars were so bright and plentiful, it seemed like you could reach up and grab one in your hand.�