Newsworld launches 'News on Demand' video of hourly newscasts

from CBC.ca archives | Sat, 26 Feb 2000

The newsworld.cbc.ca site offers the most recent hourly telecast in RealMedia and QuickTime formats.

�We call it News on Demand because that�s where the future is,� says Ken Wolff. �Everything we do is pointing toward a time when people get instantaneous response to their demand for news. The video is an interim stage.�

The move is a breakthrough, but the quality isn�t. According to one reviewer, the image is less like a DVD and more like �a washed-out print of a 1960s foreign movie, badly dubbed into English.�

CBC Chief Journalist Tony Burman says the service will make CBC news content available to a younger generation. �This is a way for us to tap into a generation that doesn�t rely on television to the extent that our generation did.�

Similar services are offered by the BBC and CNN.