Worth Repeating:
Me and the Hank Snow of yesteryear

from CBC.ca archives | Wed, 22 Dec 1999

From an online column by Martin O'Malley

So long ago I am uncomfortable telling you exactly when but one fine summer afternoon Hank Snow and I were driving westbound on the 401 heading to Toronto where Snow was to perform that evening at old Massey Hall. The 401 slices across southern Ontario and formally is known as the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway. Hank noticed the sign on the side of the freeway as we sat at the front of his blue and yellow bus, being driven by Hank's road manager Jimmie Widener, who was also Hank's rhythm guitarist.

"How do you pronounce that," Hank asked, meaning the "Cartier" of Macdonald-Cartier. When I told him Hank said, "Ah yeah, Cart-zee-ay. Thanks."

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