Worth Repeating:
Click on this, fella

from CBC.ca archives | Fri, 30 Oct 1998

From Martin O'Malley's first online column

Never had a job with a title. Never Sales Manager or V/P Eastern Seaboard or Ombudsman. For a time I was National Reporter, but, hell, everyone on a national newspaper is a national reporter. Finally, I have a title. Around here, at CBC News Online, I am "the cybernetic Lou Grant."

It is seven o'clock in the morning. I am about to "encode" some video so you folks clicking on at home can hear and see Julie Van Dusen reporting some interesting part of the world. Nothing to it. Open Adobe Premier 5.0 � there's a "general settings" window � click on "capture," click on "movie capture," mouse up to "toolbar," click on "VFW Settings," click on "Video overlay," click on "video input," click on "cable box," click on "Canada Cable."

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