CBC.ca@10 Column:
Olympic Efforts at CBC.ca

from CBC.ca archives | Sat, 7 Feb 1998

�The history of CBC.ca�s efforts to cover the Olympics should put to rest forever the debate between intelligent design and evolution. Darwin's the man,� says Andrew Lundy of CBC.ca Sports.

�It all began in the primordial soup of 1998, a smelly goop that brought together the primitive creature known as CBC.ca and the then-benign and curious Sympatico. Run mostly by CBC out of its caves on the 2nd floor of the Toronto Broadcast Centre, the Nagano Winter Games site was driven by, pretty much, two people: Paul Kelly and Chris Wodskou.

They toiled in the dark, grunting and drawing primitive designs on the dank stone walls, and produced a site that nobody � not even themselves � can recall much. The only artifact left for modern online archaeologists was a single slip of fax paper showing a putative total of 11 million page views for the duration of the Games.�

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