CBC Radio�s radio.cbc.ca site breaks new ground

from CBC.ca archives
Feb 1995

CBC on the internet began as a trial project in December 1993, an experiment in partnership with Industry Canada's Communications Research Center. Audio content in the .au format could be accessed via Gopher at debra.dgbt.doc.ca.

By 1995, the CBC Radio site is fully operational. It runs on a Sun Microsystems SPARC Server 10 which sits in webmaster Joe Lawlor's office.

Through the radio.cbc.ca and Radioworks sites, CBC offers broadcast schedules and transcripts. It also offers selected on demand audio clips in RealAudio from shows like Quirks & Quarks and As It Happens.

A few radio programs, including Quirks & Quarks and Ideas, offer enhanced web content to accompany their programs. A highlight from the 1995 season is the February Ideas documentary and website �Hidden Korea� � the first time a Western journalist is allowed into Kim Il-Sung�s North Korea.

Visit the Hidden Korea website